Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stash musings

I put 11,300 yards (6.5 miles) of stash up for sale or trade...OK, mostly sale, though I will entertain a really phenomenal trade.  Some were easy decisions for me to make, while others...yes, as I was tagging them for sale I did have visions in my mind of what I could be doing with those yarns.  But I resisted and tagged them for sale/trade.

I'm going to leave them for sale or trade for at least 3 months.  At that point, any not sold will be donated to Goodwill, and then they can be removed from the stash total.  Also, that 3 month window gives me plenty of time to change my mind about any of the yarns, should I decide that one of those coulds will become a reality.

I realized that I should buy stock in Knit Picks, given that a majority of my stash is made up of their yarns.  I also realized that I should have made a visual catalog of my yarn much sooner, seeing as I have a large number of duplicates...that means I was ordering yarn I didn't think I had but I did have.  What am I going to do with 3 skeins of Stroll Tonal in Canopy?  6 socks in the exact same color scheme?

I need to resist knitting kits.  I need to resist sales.  I need to resist knitting kits on sale.

I need to plan my projects better.  While going through my yarn I could recall what I was going to originally use that yarn for, and I could do that with almost all of them (not a bad parlor trick for 200+ different yarns!).  While I planned the yarn to a T, what I failed to do was plan my time to do all that knitting.  End result:  yarns for project after project built up while I worked on some mindless project.

I need to realize that the high that comes from buying new yarn is only a temporary one and not one to be relied upon for lasting happiness.  The knitting I do (or should be doing) with this stash is what provides the happiness.  But I need to stop buying and start knitting.

I don't even want to think about the dollar value of my stash.  If anyone is bored and wants to figure it out for me, go for it and send me the total.  I tried doing that once before when my stash was MUCH smaller and came up with $500.   Now, I'd be a bit frightened to find that number out.  I could be doing better things with some of that money, other than buying yarn.


I did read the Minimalist Knitter's Handbook (I can't remember where the link it, so Google it for right now).  The author talks about really paring down the stash, both the how-to's as well as the hurdles faced when acquiring as well as letting go of stash.  I don't think I'm prepared to take all of the drastic measures that she has...then again, my goal is not to get my stash to fit into a L.L.Bean bag.  My goal is to have the stash down to a more manageable level, which would be about 1/3 to 1/2 its current size.  I still like knowing I have a selection of yarn in my house that I can choose from at any time--that's kind of reassuring, actually.  At the same time, I need to get away from stash levels where I can't recall what I own and order more of something I have...especially when I'm doing it twice!

Tomorrow is Dale's IEP meeting.  The general consensus is that he will probably end up moving to a less severe special-ed class.  However, we need to talk over all of the specifics, as well as decide whether to keep him at his current school or--if it's possible--move him to our zoned school.  He's handling school much better lately.  He's also come to terms with the before/after school program.  Which is ironic since winter break is right around the corner.

Tomorrow is also my first day of work off of orientation.  They know I have Dale's meeting so I can leave early.  I'm a little nervous since I'll be doing an admission.  But I also have faith in myself.  I'm a quick study and I'll be working with very supportive staff, so there's not a lot of reason for me to be afraid.

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