Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dale: Mommy, one day I'm going to marry you!

Me: Honey, you already married me.

We actually did get "married" in 2009 at his godfather's wedding. Lately it seems like he's going through the "I love Mommy" stage again. In 2009 that was on track for his development. Then he briefly veered into Daddy worship, and now he's back to giving me kisses and telling me he wants to marry me. I know that one of Dale's issues is that he's immature compared to his peers, so I'm not stressing over it yet. I'm just going to ride it out for a while and see what happens. Though if he's still proposing by summertime, I think seeking professional advice might not be a bad idea.

Today we have a trolley date. We're riding the trolley into town, going to the LEGO store, and then grabbing pizza for lunch. He has been waiting for this day since Monday and keeps asking me if we can leave yet. I need my shirt to be finished in the dryer first.

So, I'm making progress on the January sock:

It doesn't look like it'd fit my spatula feet, but the fabric does stretch out quite nicely. The colors are turning out better than I thought they would...this was one of those yarns that didn't look as great skeined up (why I bought it I have no idea) but is lovely when knit. This is a nice change from my usual choices that are lovely when skeined up but horrid when knit.

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