Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I put Dale in the afterschool program

Even though I'm not working every day, I figure that it is a good opportunity for him to socialize with other children closer to his own age, something that has been sorely lacking in his life since we moved out here. He's an only child. He has been resistant to sport activities so he's not in any of them yet. He left any friends he had at the old school behind when he moved to the new school. He doesn't know any of the neighborhood children except for his "girlfriend" who happens to be 13, so she's not really playmate material. Also, socializing was an issue with Dale back east: in school or camp, he would refuse to work with his peers, instead preferring to only work with an adult.

I talked it over with his special-ed teachers and they all agree that Dale would benefit from the socialization opportunity. And it's not as though he would have to stay there the full day; he would only be there an hour or so after school on the days I'm not working. And his getting used to the afterschool program would be good, so he's not blindsided by having to go there whenever I work.

According to Dale, you would think I was sentencing him to be tortured.

He spent the entire evening telling me over and over about how much fun he has at home, how he goes outside and plays and how he watches television and how he loves me and plays with me--does he really have to go? And I told him that while that was great and that I love him too, he needs to get the chance to play with people his own age, that he needs to learn how to make friends so he doesn't become the social wallflower I was (and still sometimes am). I explained that his teachers thought it was a good idea and that he would thank me when he was older that he had the chance to meet other kids.

I told him I wished someone who send me to play somewhere for an hour each day because it sounded so fun. He wasn't entirely convinced. I stated that he was going to go anyway, that he will manage and the subject was closed. I try to be as patient as possible with him but sometimes I need to draw the line in Sharpie.

So there will be a few more teething pains this week as he gets used to a new afterschool program as well as a new school. I think overall he will be fine.

I'm about ready to turn the heel on the February sock. I'm still not sure if I will get both done this week but I think I'll definitely have one done.

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