Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not fair!

It is so not fair that I get the new Knit Picks catalog featuring their new yarn lines as I sit here cold sheeping! It's like they want me to fall off the sheep! And damn it, it's tempting! Look at the Viola Afghan...that's a large project but it's freaking awesome!

It's also not fair that every yarn store I know is having a major sale. Bah.

Dale didn't do too well at the doctor's. He's healthy, but his behavior...unruly and would not respond to redirection at all! It was to the point that I told him our field trip tomorrow will be cancelled...and then after he still acted out, I cancelled it. That REALLY got his attention. He settled down and handled the rest well...he even took the shots very well. The finger stick was the end of the world though.

We talked about it...the trip is back on. I know it means a lot to him.

I'm enjoying having some days off after working the last week or so. They asked for me to cover in a couple of weeks so I'll pick up some hours there. But being per-diem, who knows when I'll get some more hours...oh well. The VA sent me information about a psychiatric nursing position. While the VA is not my first place to work psych--too much PTSD--there are a lot of opportunities to be gained by getting into the VA system. So I may send the application to see...after all, I have nothing to lose, right?


  1. First visit to your blog. I will add it to my bloglist. I don't have time to check it too often, but you'll be there when I do.

  2. Cool, thanks. If you have a blog, let me know so I can return the favor :)

  3. Checking out your blog! I'll be back for more.

  4. @Sigurn: never mind, you're already on my list! That's what happens when I type while trying to assemble LEGO for Dale :)