Monday, January 9, 2012

Sock 2 of 12: February

In one of the Ravelry groups that I'm in, I wondered if I would be able to finish a pair of socks in a week before school started (I'm going back for my Bachelor's in nursing). I couldn't resist the challenge so...

This is Knit Picks Chroma Worsted in Smoothie, on size 4 needles. I've never knit with a single-ply yarn before and to be honest, I'm finding it frustrating, especially when I have to rip back. The yarn has a halo that springs out immediately and interlocks with other fibers. I discovered this when I had to rip back four rounds (!) in order to correct an increase.

I also have to remember that despite the nylon content, this yarn is NOT superwash, so I should probably forgo the machine spin-out when washing them.

I admit, I played with danger: I didn't swatch. They are toe-up, so I figured I'd increase the toe until it just fit my toes, then use that as my number of stitches around. I ended up with 50...I've never before knit a sock for myself with just 50 stitches around...well, maybe the kitchen cotton ones were 48 or 56 stitches. But I'm aiming for negative ease so the socks don't stretch out in shape, which is something that I have really been noticing lately in my older socks where I didn't use a negative ease. I had originally learned that negative ease caused increased wearing, so I knit most of my socks to my exact (or close enough) size. But as I've gotten older and wiser--and more experienced in knitting socks--that I learned how negative ease really improves the sock's fit. And to be honest...I don't mind if the socks wear out a bit faster. It just means I get to knit socks more often.

This is another More Sensational Knitted Socks pattern, Stansfield 30. It's a simple and stretchy ribbing. The sock looks and feels gorgeous, though as I said before, there is quite the halo forming. These will pretty much be bed socks only, since the single-ply won't wear very well when I'm on my feet being a nurse all day. Also, I'm planning a simple short-row heel.

I am trying to finish these by Sunday...I don't know if that will really happen like I posted, but I can certainly have fun trying! Except that I stabbed my finger with the knitting needle...AGAIN...

Oh yes, I'm still working on the January sock. That one will be coming with me to knitting group tonight.

Dale likes his new school. He had some teething pains as he adjusted to a new school, new class, new teachers, new routine, new everything! But nothing major. It just amazes me how well Dale is responding in the schools out here as compared to back East. There, not a week went by where I didn't get a call or e-mail about the latest Dale incident. But back there, he was also in the main classroom most of the time while they pulled him out as they needed to, and with 20+ students in his class and only two teachers, he and his needs probably got lost in the shuffle. Or they weren't as prepared or as trained to deal with them.

But now, whether he's having fewer incidents here or they're notifying me less, I don't know...based on the feedback I'm getting from his teachers, it's probably the former.

He's hounding me about going to visit the fire station. I guess I need to call the local fire stations and see if and when they have tours.

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