Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kinship and Yarn Sale

So the other day I took Dale to the pet store to get some dog food. We walk in when the first words out of someone's mouth is, "isn't that Dale from school?" Turned out that one of Dale's classmates from the severe autism class (the first CA school) and his mom were there. So I updated her on Dale's progress and our hope to get him mainstreamed. Mom told me about how she'd go to the school and chat with Dale...who has apparently never fessed up to me about his habit of not wearing his sweatshirt while outside.

The two boys are looking at the cats that are up for adoption. Both boys are talking to each other, yet not talking to each other, if that makes sense (it does to me, I see it at my job all the time). So naturally, I ask Mom, "are you adopting a cat?"

"No, I'm allergic," she replies. "But he loves the cats so we come here every day after school so he can see them. And if they're not out when we visit, he gets upset and his day is ruined."

"Tell me about it. It's the same with Dale, except that it's trolleys and LEGO."

It was kind of comforting to know that Dale--and I--weren't alone in the realm of ASD obsessions.

In other news...

I am now going to plug the stash that I have up for sale. Various yarn from my stash that I will part...well, there is one book in reasonable prices. Take a look now because whatever isn't gone by mid-March will be donated to Goodwill.

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