Thursday, March 1, 2012

A few updates

Long time no write...lots of work, then the in-laws visiting.

First, the February sock is done:

They came out better than I thought they would. I definitely want to use the other balls of Chroma Worsted that I have to make another pair...but this pair will be top-down. I also started socks for March and pics yet, I will have some soon. So I am keeping on track with my 12 socks in 2012

I also have busted more than 5000 yards of stash. 5507 to be exact. Most of the yarn has been busted through sales, but I'm getting there. I have been successfully cold-sheeping since 12/11/11, which has helped immensely too. The cravings to buy yarn have pretty much passed...

Unfortunately, it has been channeled into a craving to shop at Sephora and Clinique. I've always been a make-up junkie--have been since I was a kid. So as of today, I'm cold-sheeping (cold-lipsticking?) them as well, and only going to get what I need when I run out of something...which in all honestly won't be for a while. Those urges will pass too.

Getting ready to fly back east in a couple of weeks to hang with my friend and walk in a half marathon.

Work and school are going well. Dale is being Dale. He's loving that his grandparents are here and is constantly showing off for him. They are eating him up.

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