Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another long time, no update

March--and a lot of April--was taken up with lots of working, a trip back east to walk in a half-marathon (under 4 hours! Woo hoo!), family visiting, more working, getting sick, finishing one nursing class, starting two more nursing classes, and getting a second job. Yes, I've been busy :)

And I'm halfway done with the April socks:

I'm using the Patons' Stretch. It makes for a nice, lightweight material, perfect for summer. In fact, that's what these are only ankle socks, because they're going to be warm-weather socks, perfect for wearing with shorts.

Another view:

I call these the Xanax socks because they bring my to my happy place.

Seriously though...I am a horrible flyer. Because of that, I have a prescription for alprazolam that I only use for flying. So I popped my 0.5 mg pre-flight, and then another 0.5 mg at take-off. It makes me a cooperative and happy flyer...but not the most accurate knitter: this first sock is so full of typos that I gave up correcting them after a while. But the sock colors are so bright and joyous, and they feel so good, that I've dubbed them the Xanax socks.

They are better than real Xanax, too. I highly recommend that people try knitting socks instead of popping a pill for anxiety.

In terms of the stash bust, 5500 yards gone...6.25% of the way there!

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