Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another long time no update

Working two jobs and taking two classes at once meant that knitting came to a temporary standstill.  From here on in, I have to double-up on nursing classes if I want to finish my BSN on time (May 2013).  Fortunately I've gotten used to managing the workflow on two simultaneous accelerated classes, so the next set should be easier.  I also got an inpatient psych job too.  It's per-diem but I get a lot more work there than I do at my other job.  I'm working about 24-32 hours a week...the money is sweet.  Going right into savings and the retirement fund.

We went to Dale's latest IEP meeting...he is making great progress.  He's still behind on a lot of things as well as still immature emotionally, so we all decided that he will stay in his current school instead of transferring across the street.  That way he can stay in the special ed class for another year and catch up before he's mainstreamed.  We're not doing summer school--instead his dad and I will help Dale study at home over the summer break.  He is going to do the summer childcare program since we all agreed that has been very beneficial for him.  He gets to interact with both other special ed kids as well as non-special ed kids, and everyone raves about him.

So yeah, it would have been nice to stand on my porch and see him off to school every morning, but this is the best thing we can do for him.

I do have a tiny finished object to show for the time I was able to spend knitting...and once my phone uploads the picture I'll be able to show it to you.  Hint::  it's socks, of course :)

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