Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What was I thinking?

Two politics classes at the same time?  THE SAME TIME?

Actually, it's not going too bad.  They are kind of synced up so I'm learning the same material, just one applies nationally and one applies locally.  So far I'm maintaining an A in both classes...I don't expect that to last too long though.

Knitting has fallen by the wayside for a long while, but last night I decided to pull myself out of the knitting wastelands and go to my knitting group.  It was nice to see everyone and get a little knitting done...I didn't realize how much I missed it.  Me thinks I'm going to have to stop working Mondays so I can get to go more.  Usually after a full day of work on Monday, especially if it's inpatient work, I am absolutely beat.

Speaking of which, both jobs are going well.  I'm averaging 4-5 days of work a week, which I'll scale down to 3-4 now that Dale is out of school.  He's enjoying his summer break...we opted out of summer school for him.  The kid has been on quite the adventure since we moved out to California and hasn't had more than two weeks off from school, and we felt that he deserved the break.  We will work with him over the summer so he can roll into second grade with minimal problems.

I'm not knitting much lately, but I am destashing:  I've now busted over 7,000 yards of stash.  I've also listed a whole bunch more for sale in Ravelry, and I'm planning to donate some of the ones that were listed for a long time but haven't moved.

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