Sunday, December 29, 2013

Changes for 2014

Been a year, I know...I need to clean this place up and start posting here more.  It's been a busy year, between having another son, going back to work, finishing my bachelor's...lots going on.

I didn't cast on any Birthday Sock this fact, last year's hasn't progressed past the ribbing.

I've decided to limit how many projects I have going on at once.  I'm focusing on one or two at a time, with the result that I am actually getting more knitting done...obvious, I know!  But I never said I was a MOTO.

I'm trying to finish at least two works in progress before casting on a new one.  I'm also going to frog projects that haven't gone anywhere in a long time...such as last year's Birthday Sock, another sock and a couple of shawls.  I haven't touched any of these in the last year, so let me take them off of the agenda--and needles--for now and come back to them.

I've also decided to drop the Stash Busting project.  I've decided that life is too short for me to stress over how much yarn I have and whether it should be here.  I'm still offering yarn for sale/trade and I'm still going to make the effort to shop the stash before ordering more yarn.  But I'm not going to make a big deal over how much yarn I have and how much I can get rid of.  Let me enjoy what yarn I have without guilt.  This is one of my main hobbies, after all.

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